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01. JUN 2021 - 31. OKT 2021 | OHNE FESTEN ORT
Veranstalter: Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES

Mehrphasige Weiterbildung Musik und Integration Themenübergreifende Angebote


The project Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES is a qualification program for artist collectives from the sectors of music, fine arts, performing arts, film, and an interdisciplinary working group. Artist Training offers a support for five months with a full program: a training unit consisting of 30 hours with monthly workshops according to individual goals, two individual consultations, the presentation of artistic work at a venue and the exchange among all groups. In addition, the Digital BASICS convey basic topics of self-employment with two hours of online teaching and 12 hours of in-depth workshops. The program is held online, in English and is free of charge.

• The Artist Training project is open to professional artists in exile living in Berlin for no more than 5 years
• Each team should consist of 3-7 artists working in the field of performing arts.
• We especially encourage artists to apply whose artistic perspectives have so far been inadequately represented in the cultural sector.

• Artist Training seeks one artistic collective with a concrete concept and specific needs for professional support and consultation within the next five months.
• Artist Training is interested in proposals that aim at reaching a result to be in dialogue with the public, either in person or online.

• 30 hours of training units with workshops, consulting, networking and presentations from June to October 2021 + 14 hours of basics of how to work as a freelancer in Germany.
Kickoff meeting: 10 June 2021 at 10 am registration / 10.30 am - 2.30 pm workshop
• Artistic supervision by Chang Nai Wen and Anis Hamdoun.
• A networking event MindLab#
• One-on-one consultation session based on your personal goals.
• A public presentation (depending on the format of the project).
• Promotion of the artists’ work and presentation.


Artist Training PERFORMING ARTS COLLECTIVES III is supervised by Chang Nai Wen and Anis Hamdoun.


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Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Finanzielle Förderer

The project Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the state of Berlin.