19th Biennal Conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music

26. JUN 2017 - 30. JUN 2017 | KASSEL
Veranstalter: International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM D-A-CH)

Kongress, Symposium, Tagung Rock / Pop Musiklehre / Musikwissenschaft


Popular Music Studies are today a key field of enquiry. Exploring the parameters of research on popular music in contemporary times lies at the centre of the 19th Biennial IASPM Conference. The Executive Committee therefore invites researchers and practitioners to submit proposals for presentations which engage with a variety of methodologies and perspectives on popular music studies, whether from an academic, professional, practice-­based or educational angle. We encourage proposals dealing with one of the following streams:

Researching Popular Music
Popular music is researched within multiple disciplines, using a variety of theoretical and methodological traditions. But what makes popular music studies distinctive and autonomous as a discipline? Are there current identifiable trends within the field? This stream welcomes discussions on disciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and popular music research today, from any academic perspective.

Analysing Popular Music
Has music as sound disappeared from popular music studies? What is the role and relevance of popular music analysis today? This stream welcomes papers addressing all approaches related to contemporary analytical research on popular music as sound.

Teaching and Learning Popular Music
Who teaches popular music today and how is it being taught? What kind of genres, repertoires, scenes, publications and performance practices are proposed to students? And what role do technological affordances and uses play in popular music teaching and learning? This stream welcomes papers addressing all issues related to contemporary popular music pedagogy, based on any educational and theoretical approach.

Remapping Popular Music
What relevance does location have in popular music studies today? What work is taking place outside the UK/US, in languages other than English and on genres and styles outside the mainstream? In what ways is research moving beyond the dominant Anglo-American axis? This stream welcomes papers addressing all issues related to the cultural geography of popular music studies, particularly those with a focus on non-­Anglophone music.

Narrating Popular Music
How is popular music being narrated today, in academic research, fiction, cinema, journalism, or online media? Is it possible to identify and analyse current trends in any of these narrative realms? And how are the narratives being used and understood? This stream welcomes papers addressing all issues related to narrativity about popular music, and in popular music studies.

Technology and Popular Music
What is the relationship between technology and popular music today, in production, performance, and scholarly debate? Are digital technological affordances changing music? This stream welcomes papers addressing all issues related to technology and popular music.


Cecilia Björck, María Luisa de la Garza Chávez, Jonathan Eato, Ádám Ignácz, Olivier Julien, Isabelle Marc, Hyunjoon Shin, Danijela Špirić­-Beard, Catherine Strong, Jacopo Tomatis (Chair), Dafni Tragaki, Steve Waksman


The conference will start on Monday June 26 at 9:00 a.m. The last session will end 5:00 p.m. on Friday June 30, 2017. About 375 individual papers or panel contributions were accepted for presentation, so we are expecting up to nine parallel sessions. In addition, three keynotes will be given at the conference. Special events include a reception of IASPM-D-A-CH on Monday at 6:30, various EXCURSIONS on Wednesday afternoon and a conference dinner on Thursday evening in the Australian restaurant “Foster’s Garden”. This will take us one step towards Canberra, where the 2019 conference will take place.


Kulturbahnhof Kassel
Rainer Dierichs Platz 6
34117 Kassel

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